Hieromonk Metodije elected for heugomen of Chilandar Monastery

Today on April 5/18 2010, on Sunday of the Myrrhgushers hieromonk Metodije (Markovic) was elected with a majority of votes by the brotherhood of the Chilandar Monastery for heugomen of the Nemanjic family. Father Metodije wa born in Cacak, on January 7,1970 by the parents Momchilo and Milka. Before he became the monk he had studed at the Electrotechnic Faculty in Belgrade. He has been in the monastery of Chilandar since 1994.

The election of the Chilandar heugomen was done by the Constitution of the Mount Athos and was carried out in two rounds of voting..

Around the premises of the Mounth Athos, in a month since the election of heugomen, there will be the enthronement of hieromonk Metroije for heugomen of the Chilandar by the Sacred municipality of Mount Athos. The new Chilandar heugomen in the picture holds the imperial staff of the Byzanthian Emperor Alexy II Angel, which was given to St. Sava as a symbol of the presence of the Emperor during the election for heugomen, because Chilandar was in a rank the Imperial Lavra, and in the left hand in the picture he holds the scripture of the founder of the Chilandar family: Chilandar Tipik of St. Sava


hierodeacon Dorotej