Israelis will normally give the Holy Fire to Greece and the Orthodox Countries

Special consideration for the Holy Fire to reach the Orthodox countries that desire it has been given by the Israeli state, which despite stringent security measures seems willing to accept the special flights from Greece and other Orthodox countries, which take place every year to transport the Holy Fire in the temples.

According to a Jerusalem Post report citing Israeli Foreign Ministry sources despite strict security measures in the country, the issue of the transfer of the Holy Fire is considered resolved.

“The precise mechanism of the ceremony has not yet been elaborated, a Foreign Ministry source said, because the health ministry could put more restrictions on it, but flights have already been organized to bring light to Russia, Ukraine and Greece,” Jerusalem Post reports.

According to the same report, the ceremony will normally take place at the Holy Sepulcher before 10-15 representatives of Eastern Orthodox doctrines, who will transport the Holy Fire with a police escort to Tel Aviv airport where it will be distributed to the delegations, who will not disembark from their planes, in order to avoid Israel’s quarantine requirements.

According to the Israeli newspaper, the above is the main scenario.

What remains to be seen is whether this will eventually happen and, of course, what will happen with the distribution of the Holy Fire to the temples and then to the faithful of the country.

Source: JP