Jovan Marakas: Father Dzomic is not a threat for the national security of Montenegro

Only naïve people could think that persecution of protopresbyter staurophore Dr. Velibor Dzomic is related to his alleged organizing of demonstrations, which are legal in the civilized world.

It is true that Father Dzomic is a threat, but for the ignorant and counterfeiters since no one is nearly as well informed as him about the relationship between the Church and the State in Montenegro. Therefore, he is a threat for all of them, particularly for the destructive pseudo-religious organization aiming at destruction of Orthodoxy, the pseudo-organization which was verified at the police station and which has never existed in the history of Montenegro.

To recall, this topic was doctoral dissertation to protopresbyter staurophore Dr. Velibor Dzomic and that the adoption of the new Law on Religious Communities hi is fighting against.

It does not matter whether one likes him or not. It is important that he really represents a real threat for ignorans and counterfeiters and that none of them has any chance in debates or legal trials with him, not because of his eloquence but because of the professional arguments and documents at his disposal.

Dzomic, doctor for relations between State and Church, is a treat, not priest Velibor !!!

(translated into English by Sanja Simic de Graaf)