Lazarus Saturday in St. Marko Church in Belgrade

His Grace Vicar Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno, on behalf of His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia, served the holiday vesper service on the eve of a great Christian feast day of the Entrance of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem - Palm Sunday in the St. Marko church with the concelebration of the priesthood of this holy church. Following the consecration of willow branches there was a holiday procession around the church.

A great number of the faithful attended the holiday service, and children of all ages made this service to the Ressurected God even more magnificent.

Celebration of the Ressurection of Lazarus (on Saturday) and Christ's glorious entrance to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) represents an unified liturgical circle and serves as a bridge that connects the Great Lent and Passion Week. These are unique and wonderful days before the Passion of Our Lord.

In them the messianic joy and thriumph are stressed in which Christ himself is the main participant and doer . At the same time, these days point at something deeper, and that is the final victory of His complete reign that He will achieve, not only by the resurrection of one man and entering one city, but - through his suffering, death and Resurrection, Christ will ressurect all the human race and will appear on the Earth as the King of Glory and Judge ...