XXII International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Sofia

XXIII International Congress of Byzantine Studies opened on August 22, 2011, in Sofia. It is held once in every five years in various countries which have their own tradition of Byzantine studies. It is already for the second time that the congress is held in the Bulgarian capital. It hosted the 4th congress in 1934. The official opening of the forum took place in the afternoon in the University of Sofia. In the evening, a reception was held at the State Museum of History on the occasion of the opening of the congress. Present at the reception was Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.

In the name of Serbian Orthodox Church there was Bishop of Zhicha Chrysostom.

Corresponding Member Axinia Djourova recalled. Djourova is Co-President of the Organizing Committee. Gjuzelev explained that the main theme of the congress was chosen with the aim to attract more young specialists and that over 60 per cent of the participants will be students, doctoral students and assistant professors.

The main subjects of the plenary sessions include “The Image and Memory of Byzantium and Their Undiminished Popularity”, “Mt. Athos and Mt. Sinai as Cultural Phenomena”. The congress will also focus on cities and urban space in Byzantium and its world, interaction between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean and holiness in art and theology.

There are over 1200 participants who came from 46 countries. Among the participants is Mr Kosta Simic, MDiv, who represent Serbia.