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Pope’s Trip to Peru: Two Places in Lima to Receive Between 2-5 M People

Young People Who Wish Can Register to Be Part of the “Pope’s Guard,” which Will Assist during the Events

Two suitable places in Lima have already been identified, for Pope Francis’ visit to Peru from January 18-21, 2018, which will receive between 2-5 million people, said the director of the Organizing Commission of the Archbishopric of Lima, Father Luis Gaspar Uribe, to Radio “Programs of Peru,” adding that “Rome already knows which ones they are and we are awaiting the approval.”

Losing Faith: Germany’s Christian Population Declining at Record Rate

The number of Christians in Germany decreased dramatically in 2016, largely driven by demographic changes, the German press reports.The number of Catholics and Protestants in Germany sank to a new low in 2016, with the latter hemorrhaging almost 1.6 percent of members in comparison with the previous year, according to recently released figures.

Italy drought: Vatican turns off fountains to save water

The drought that is affecting the city of Rome and the surrounding areas of the capital has led the Holy See to take measures to save water.

The Governorate of Vatican City State has decided to turn off all the fountains, both the external ones located in St. Peter's Square, and the interior fountains including those in the Vatican Gardens.

Hungary allocates $1.7 million to restore Lebanese churches

According to government records, Hungary is set to donate $1.7 million (463 million forints) to help restore damaged and dilapidated churches in Lebanon, reports Hungarian Free Press. This news comes on the heels of Hungary’s $8 million donation to help rebuild three Russian Orthodox churches and build another from scratch in the country.

Muslim refugees on island of Lesbos terrifying and driving out Christians

Several clashes have broken out in recent days at Lesbos Island’s Moria Camp for refugees, with Greek authorities arresting 35 Muslim rioters who threw large rocks at police officers and set fire to tents both inside and outside the bounds of the camp. A disabled Christian was nearly burnt alive while sleeping in one of the shelters, reports Pakistan Christian Post.