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Number of Muslims becoming atheists growing in the Western world

According to the conclusions drawn at a recent international meeting of the Council of Ex-Muslims of England held in London, the number of Muslims apostatizing from their faith and becoming atheists is growing on a massive scale in France, Great Britain, and other European countries. These atheists may only be the tip of the iceberg, since many apostates from Islam keep their opinions to themselves to avoid reprisal from other Muslims, reports, which cites

Iraqi town elects its first ever Christian woman as mayor

A Catholic woman has made history by being elected as the new mayor of an Iraqi town.

Lara Yussif Zara has become the first Christian woman to be mayor of Alqosh, a small town on the Nineveh Plain in Iraq, after the Municipal Council of Qaraqosh voted unanimously for her election last Thursday. She replaces another Chaldean Christian, Abdul Micha, who was dismissed after charges of corruption.

Eight Churches in Baghdad Shut Their Doors

Amid the instability and violence that have occurred in the region over the course of more than ten years, eight churches in Baghdad have closed their doors for good, according to a human rights organization focusing on persecuted Christians.

The churches closed down in May “after nearly seven years of low to no attendance,” the Monday report from International Christian Concern says.

Muscovites most often search for prayers online during morning subway ride

According to Russian search engine Yandex, Muscovites traveling on the metropolitan subway during the morning peak hours search for the texts of prayers and dream books most often, reports RIA-Novosti.

The most popular topics searched for changes throughout the day. After the morning searches for prayers and dream books, the first half of the day is dominated by searches for directions and various addresses, especially to courts, museums, and shopping centers. “On the way home from work, users are already beginning to think about preparing dinner, or they search for where to order dinner. Theater-goers are returning home from 10 to 11 PM, and from 11 to midnight—football fans.” Just before the metro closes, users most often search for nighttime bus schedules, the Yandex message reads.

Pope Sends Message to Asian Youth Day in Indonesia

Calls them to respond to God’s call with faith and courage 

Pope Francis sent a message of encouragement to those attending the seventh Asia Youth Day, August 2-6, 2017, in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).  The message was sent August 6 by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, on behalf of the Holy Father.