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Hagia Sophia to Turn to Mosque During Muslim Ramadan

The morning prayer from the Koran was read at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul on the first day of Muslim Ramadan, Monday, June 6, in the presence of Turkey’s general secretary of religious affairs.

40,000 Christians Persecuted By Muslims In Germany

Multiple human rights organizations are warning the German government of the conditions that Christians in asylum homes are being subjected to. One organization in particular has chronicled 231 specific cases of the harassment of Christians by Muslim migrants and Muslim security guards in asylum homes.

Syrian Bishop: West Must Stop Welcoming Refugees

According to the Archbishop of Aleppo, when Westerners open their doors to Syrian refugees, it hurts, rather than helps, their cause. The solution lies not in welcoming more refugees, but in helping resolve the situation back home so they will not need to leave.

Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart said he is “not happy” with the news that Canada has welcomed about 25,000 Syrian refugees in the past few months, despite its good intentions.

1050th Anniversary of Christianity in Poland

1050th Anniversary of Christianity in Poland
1050th Anniversary of Christianity in Poland
1050th Anniversary of Christianity in Poland
1050th Anniversary of Christianity in Poland

During 14-16 April 2016, Polish people celebrated the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s Baptism by duke Mieszko I, the first ruler of the Polish state, by organizing several religious and political ceremonies. His Beatitude Sawa, Metropolitan of Warsaw and all Poland, participated in the events, reports.

Statement by the President and the First Lady of the United States on the Occasion of Orthodox Christian Easter

Michelle and I extend our best wishes to members of the Orthodox Christian community here in America and around the world as they observe Holy Friday and the Feast of the Resurrection.

Police help Hindu fanatics halt church wedding

A group of hard-line Hindu activists and police stormed a church in central India and stopped a wedding midway after accusing the pastor of forcefully converting the bride to Christianity, an official said Thursday.

It comes as India’s Christian minority has sounded the alarm over a recent rise in attacks on churches and members of the faith, fueling tensions over religious freedom in the diverse, secular country.

Assyrian Confederation of Europe Established in Brussels

On April 22nd, the Assyrian Confederation of Europe was officially established at the European Parliament in Brussels. The new organization is meant to unify the voice of the 500,000 thousand Assyrians living in Europe by bringing together the Assyrian national federations from several EU countries.