List Of Churches Destroyed In Kosovo And Metohija Thus Far, Mar. 17-19, 2004 "death To Serbs"

Below is a list of churches and church buildings regarding which the Diocese has received information that they were destroyed in the riots occurring between March 17 and March 19, 2004. In process is the intensive verification of all data, especially in the area of Prizren where there are indications that all Orthodox churches have been destroyed. In Urosevac, Athens News Agency advised this morning that members of Greek KFOR have abandoned protection of three church buildings. The only thing that they were able to confirm is that the church of the Holy King Uros in Urosevac has been burned. In any case, it can be officially said that at least 16 churches have been destroyed (according to UNMIK confirmation). It is entirely possible that the number exceeds 20 (on the basis of information arriving in the Diocese of Raska and Prizren). Together with the 112 churches already destroyed or heavily damaged since the beginning of the UNMIK "peace mission" in June 1999, over 130 Orthodox holy shrines in Kosovo and Metohija have been destroyed or demolished. Two churches in Lipljan apparently have not yet been destroyed even though initial reports indicated that they were under attack.

This list will be added to or amended as needed as the Diocese receives new information regarding the destruction of Orthodox churches in Kosovo and Metohia:

The famous fresco of Christ - the Patron of Prizren - The Church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevis
The famous fresco of Christ -
the Patron of Prizren -
The Church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevis

1. Orthodox Cathedral of the Most Holy Mother of God of Ljevis, 14th century (Prizren)
2. Church of Holy Salvation, 14th century (Prizren) 
3. Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Great Martyr George, 20th century (Prizren)

Sve je izgorelo, ostali su samo zidovi manastira - Nekadasnji izgled manastira Sv. Arhangela kod Prizrena sa kapelom Sv. Vladike Nikolaja

4. Holy Archangels Monastery, 14th century (Prizren)
5. Church of St. George Runovic, 15th century (Prizren, courtyard of the Episcopate)
6. Church of St. John the Fore-runner and Baptist (Pec) with parish home
7. Church of the Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God into the Temple 19th century (Belo Polje near Pec) 
8. Church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God (Djakovica) 19th century with parish home
9. Church of the Holy King Uros (Urosevac)
10. Church of St. Nicholas (Kosovo Polje) 
11. Church of St. Catharine (Bresje near Kosovo Polje)
12. Church of St. Nicholas, 19th century (Pristina)
13. Church of St. Nicholas, 19th cenutry (Gnjilane)
14. Church of St. Sava (Kosovska Mitrovica) 
15. Church in Vitina (Vitina near Gnjilane)
16. Devic Monastery, 14th century (Srbica)
17. Church in Donja Slapasnica (Kosovska Kamenica)
18. Church in Brnjak near Bela Crkva (Orahovac)
19. Church of St. John the Fore-runner and Baptist (Pecka Banja) 
20. Church of St. Elijah, 19th century (Vucitrn)
21. Church of St. Michael (Stimlje)
22. Church in Obilic (Obilic)
23. Church of St. Lazarus in Piskote (Djakovica), damaged in 1999, now burned
24. Church of St. Nicholas (Tutic church), 14th century (Prizren)
25. Church of St. Kyriake, 14th century (Prizren) 
26. Church of St. Panteleimon 14th c. (Prizren)
24. Sts. Cyril and Methodius Seminary building , with chapel  (Prizren)
25. Episcopate - seat of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren  with chapel (Prizren)

- The Albanians are removing the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity (Djakovica) blown up in 1999

The Holy Virgin of Ljevis Cathedral - Prizren - Archive photo

The list will be regularly updated according to the latest information and confirmations, so the above list is not still fully complete and official. The Diocese is working hard to check all incoming information.