Liturgical and prayer meeting on September 13, 2009 celebrating 700 years of Monastery of Tresija on Kosmaj

Seven centuries marked by the Crucifixion of Christ and Resurrection of Christ, three significant jubilees - seven centuries since the building, three hundred years since the first restoration and seventy years since beginning of the last restoration of Holy Archangelic monastery of Tresije were celebrated by the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy served by Bishop Jovan of Shumadija with the concelebration of Bishop Teodosije of Lipljan and heugemon of the monastery of Dechani.

There were present several thousands of the faithful of God saved Diocese of Shumadija and guests from Belgrade and other places. Speaking about a role of this monastery and other sanctuaries in the history of our people, academician Professor Momcilo Spremic said that Tresije always shared a fate of its people - during war times, when people was moving, it was abandoned and demolished, when people was coming back, it was being renovated and settled in. Bishop Teodosije of Lipljan said that among our people in Kosovo and Metohija existed Christian optimism and that our Lord with our serenity, patience and love would preserve sanctuaries and people that gather in them. Heugomen of Tresije schi archimandrite Jovan (Maricic), a resident of the monastery more than six decades, was awarded with an order of St Sava of the first class, by which the Holy Synod of Bishops of the SOC awarded this holy family.

Many chanters, the church choir Oplenac from Topola, pupils of the Theological seminary St Jovan Zlatousti from Kragujevac also took part in the Divine Liturgy. After the liturgy and reading parts of the Gospel, Bishop Jovan of Shumadija delivered a speech.

After the end of the Divine Liturgy during which many participants of this meeting communed, Bishop Jovan gave high awards to those merit for the present restoration of monastery of Tresije. The Order of St Sava of the first class received the monastery celebrant, and was given to archimandrite Jovan. The highest award of the Diocese of Shumadija, the Order of St Simeon The Myrrh-Gushing, for the participation in arranging Tresije, Bishop Jovan gave to Zivorad Milosavljevic, the president of Sopot municipality, Jovan Jovichic, businessman from Nemenikuce and Mileta Radojevic from Lazarevac.

During a cultural and art program poet Dragomir Brajkovic spoke his patriotic poetry. The Church choir Oplenac also participated and folk societies from a Kosmaj region.

Hospitable hosts, especially heugemon Jovan, priesthood of the Kosmaj hierarchal  governorship and the pious people of this region, prepared a table of love for all pilgrims, during which Bishop Jovan again thanked all who helped in all possible ways this monastery.  Bishop Teodosije addressed the gathered talking about church life in Kosovo and Metohija. He said that we should praise the Lord for all and for life and lasting of sanctuaries of Kosovo and Metohija." If it serves in sanctuaries, people will gather. And sanctuaries are live, and will live with its people " said Bishop Teodosije.

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