Meeting of Orthodox Clergy Wives in Albania

Over fifty Presvyteras and Diakonissas came from the various Metropolises in Albania to participate in a meeting held in Shen Vlash at the Resurrection of Christ Theological School, November 4-6, 2016. At the invitation of His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios, six Orthodox women from the OCMC (Orthodox Christian Mission Center), working with a team of Albanian women, reflected on the theme of “Christ, the living water.”

The goal of this meeting was to have time for prayer, fellowship, spiritual growth and to learn more about the roles of a presvytera and diakonissa in the Orthodox setting. The days were filled with small and large group sessions (with themes such as the sacraments, raising children, the liturgical year, etc), Bible Studies, crafts, social time and prayer. Lively discussions were held in some of the small groups which offered an intimate atmosphere.

Highlights included presentations done by Sister Rakela on baking Prosforo and making a communion cloth, as well as traditional dancing. The women also enjoyed singing together throughout the services.

One of the clergy wives said: “The experiences that we had this weekend helped us in many ways. We exchanged ideas and discussed how to have a fulfilling marriage and partnership with our husbands. It was emphasized that it is very important to always find time to spend together. We also spoke about the importance of our behavior towards our children and involving them in the life of the Church.”

Diakonissa Nestilda Lapanxha, Prifteresa Irini Nushi and Prifteresa Theano Kostoli offered main presentations. At the meeting, the women expressed their gratitude and appreciation to His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios and OCMC for this time of renewal, fellowship, and learning.

Source: OCP