Memorial service for 6000 Serbian victims of the Ustasha "Black legion"

In Stari Brod, which is administratively belongs to Rogatica, 15 km along the Drina canyon below Visegrad, on Saturday June 18, 2011, the memorial service was held for 6000 Serbs who were in spring 1942 killed by the members of the notorious Ustasha regiment "Black Legion", then  foundations,  cross and bells of the chapel whose construction began last year in May, were consecrated. 

The act of consecration was done by priest Milorad Ljubinac, hierarchal deputy of His Eminence Metropolitan Nikolaj of Dabrobosna, with the concelebration with six priests of the Metropolitanate of Dabrobosna.

Godfather of the foundations of the chapel in Stari Brod was Boban Indjic from Visegrad, Goran Krlic was of the bells, born in this area, brothers Sinisa, Sasa i Slavisa Spinjo from Visegrad were godfathers of the cross.

The memorial service and the consecration was attended by 300 citizens of  the municipalities of Romania and Gornja Drina.


Source: Metropolitanate of Dabrobosna