Message of Support by Archbishop Christopher

Archbishop Christophor

Metropolitan Christopher, Primate of the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, sent a letter of support to His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle and to the Serbian people, in view of the unilateral proclamation of independence of the Kosovo province. His Beatidute, Metropolitan Christopher, wrote:

“Your Holiness, allow me to express my support in these days of agony the Serbian Orthodox Church as well as the entire Serbian people are passing through.

The proclamation of independence of Kosovo and Metohija doesn’t make us, the Orthodox of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, feel at peace, either. Our clergy and our worshippers will, together with their political representatives, participate and gather in protests, which will bear testimony to the fact that our citizens do not agree with the violation of Serbian borders.

We greatly appreciate Your Church’s unselfish help in the rebirth of the Czech Orthodox Church and the bringing up of the numerous Diocese of Mukacevo-Presov. Furthermore, we won’t forget the Serbian people’s negative position on the 1938 Munich Dictate and their brotherly readiness to defend our country from fascism.

With brotherly compassion, we take advantage of this historical moment to show solidarity with You, the Serbian Church and the Serbian people. We raise our hearts and our thoughts in prayer to God, our Lord, that He may preserve the Serbian land in his love, bestow His blessing on a just solution in Kosovo and Metohija and prevent any outbreak of violence.

Wishing that God may bless You and the entire Serbian Orthodox people, I remain."