Metropolitan Amfilochios congratulates Prime Minister Clark on not recognizing Kosovo independence

Metropolitan AmfilochiosWELLINGTON (19 March 2008) In a letter of the same date addressed to the Right Honourable Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand, His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilochios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitanate of New Zealand and Exarchate of Oceana, applauded the decision of the Government of New Zealand not to recognize the unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence.

"It was with joy that I was informed," stated Metropolitan Amfilochios to the Prime Minister, "that our beautiful New Zealand has not recognized up to this moment this illegal, may I be allowed to characterize it as such, autonomy of Kosovo and I hope that this will be her steadfast decision up to the end and I congratulate you for your sound judgment".

His Eminence, the spiritual leader and spokesman for the substantial Greek Orthodox community of New Zealand, noted that precisely such a decision clearly indicates firm adherence to "the ideals of Justice, Peace and Freedom". The Metropolitan concluded by indicating that he remains a fervent intercessor on behalf of the Prime Minister before God.