Metropolitan Amphilohije of Montenegro: Welcome, you heir to Saint Sava!

Welcoming address of Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro in the Monastery Podlastva: 

Your Holiness,  Welcome to this ancient shrine as it is written here: Welcome, you heir to Saint Sava, welcome to the Grbalj area! This is where St. Sava used to come, and after him, all your predecessors. Serbian Patriarchs used to come and consecrated Metropolitans of Zeta and of Montenegro and stayed here for some time. The last one who spent some time in this shrine was your predecessor, Patriarch Serbian Paul. 

He came at our invitation in 1992 when funeral rite was held for eighty souls of people from Grbalj, Maine, Budva, Pobor and the Pashtrovici who had been killed by the brotherly hand in 1944 and buried here in the churchyard of the Podlastva monastery; you will see their grave tomorrow.  As you know from an old tradition, Holy Prince Lazar comes also from here, which is why the people of Grbalj and our Metropolitanate decided to erect this church in honor of Saint Prince Lazar, and we are very glad that you will be the heir of Saint Sava who will consecrate it. 

And with what love we welcome you, you may judge by the present congregation. It is a great joy and a great blessing for us that you have come here accepting the invitation of Grbalj people. Welcome and please bless this God’s people! 

Source: Metropolitanate of Montenegro-Littoral