Metropolitan of Vryoula: Ignoring Him who is our only hope and support

In his message, Metropolitan Panteleimon of Vryoula expresses the complaint that in the official announcements of the days there is no reference “to the Name of the Holy Trinity” and “our faith in Him who will help us overcome this new trial by prayer is ignored.”

However, Metropolitan Panteleimon also expresses his hope that Panagia will hear our prayers and “save us from this calamity because she is still our Holy Protection and Invincible Champion of our Nation”.

In his message, he further states, “The more our prayer requests depart from our pleas for earthly goods and become more spiritual, the more we love God and rejoice in His presence in our lives.”

“My children, please do this time, everyone in the house of the Church. To follow the holy liturgies and to pray after each one has asked himself why God has allowed this trial. Let us pray to God for our patients. Let us pray to God to grant health and strength to those who strive for the treatment of the sick, that is, the physicians, the nursing staff of our hospitals, and to those who by all means defend the frontiers of the homeland.”