Minister Jeremic: Prevent that legacy of the Serbian Orthodox Church from renaming into Kosovo's

Protection of the Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija is a tough diplomatic task, Vuk Jeremic said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Jeremic was in a one-day visit to Brazil, where he participated in the session of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum. Jeremic said to Fonet, before the session, that Serbia was about to have a tough diplomatic task to prevent that cultural legacy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija from renaming into Kosovo's.

Jeremic announced that in few weeks in Brazil, as the chairman, would be the host of the meeting of the UNESCO Committee for protection of the cultural heritage. "One part of countries, as the last year, had filed a request that monasteries and monuments of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo to be renamed into the cultural legacy of Kosovo. It is totally unacceptable for us.", said Jeremic. " We are going to have a very difficult diplomatic task to prevent it", Jeremic emphasized, also saying that the prevention of that initiative is one of the most important topics of his talks with Brazilian ministers of foreign affairs and culture.