A Missionary from Moscow Shoots a Series of Films on Solovki

Alexey Volkov, member of the Commission for Missionary Work and Catechization in Moscow, has begun work on the creation of a series of documentaries on the Holy Transfiguration Solovetsky Monastery. The first episode appeared on the internet on September 3 this year, reports the Moscow Commission for Missionary Work and Catechization’s press service with reference to the Dnes [“Today”, “Nowadays” in Church Slavonic] news agency.

According to the Commission’s press service, the first episode is called “Solovki. The Monastery’s Brief History”. The presenter is Alexey Volkov, a catechist and member of the above-mentioned Commission. For eight years he worked as a guide on the Solovetsky Islands (also called Solovki) and has an expert knowledge of every gem of Russia’s North.

Alexey Volkov shot the material for this documentary in August this year during his twelve-day trip across the Solovetsky Archipelago. In his work the Moscow missionary was assisted by his wife Elena, a professional television director.

“Altogether we have shot sufficient material for five films. The first episode is dedicated to a brief history of Solovki Monastery; in the second part we are going to speak about the monastery’s churches and other buildings; the third episode will be called ‘The Venerable Zosimas, Sabbatius, Herman, and the Holy Hierarch Philip Kolychev’; the fourth part, ‘The Lakes and Canals of Solovki’. Later we intend to release two more documentaries, namely ‘Solovki through the Eyes of a Child’ and ‘The Wondrous Anzer’,” A. Volkov shared the information in his interview with the Dnes agency.

The video length is twenty minutes. In it the viewers will learn a lot about the Solovetsky Islands and enjoy the stunning views of the monastery, the Prosperity Bay (“Bukhta Blagopoluchia”), Lake Svyatoye (“Holy”), etc.

Episode 1 is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

This series is not the first work of the catechist from Moscow. Alexey Volkov jointly with the VPravoslavii (“In Orthodoxy”) missionary media project’s editorial staff created a short film on the New Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth Romanova. July 18 this year was the centenary of her martyrdom. The episode was published on the VPravoslavii’s official YouTube channel on July 16, 2018, two days before the significant anniversary, and it was viewed very many times within the first evening.

Details on the documentary can be found here: http://moscmc.ru/novosti-komissii/724-stolichnye-missionery-snyali-film-o-velikoy-knyagine-elizavete-fedorovne-romanovoy.html

You can follow the progrees of this project on the website of the Moscow Commission for Missionary Work and Catechization: http://moscmc.ru.

Source: Orthochristian.com