A monastery inthe Metropolitan Diocese of Cluj will open an orphanage

Saints Peter and Paul monastery in Rebra-Parva, (diocese of Cluj, Romania) will build a center for orphaned children. Hegumen Kiril Zăgrean  said the center will consist in a building for 50 children, a medical office, a canteen, and workshops. The children will have the opportunity to practice creative activities, including painting. There will also be a place of worship dedicated to Saint Silouan the Athonite, for the spiritual education of the children.

The monastery has submitted administrative documents in regards to the land where the center is to be built. It will be financed by the funds of the monastery and by donations.

Saints Peter and Paul monastery was founded in 1993 with the blessing of Metropolitan Bartolomeu (Anania). A year later, the foundation stone of the new church was laid. The building was completed and consecrated in 2009. At present, the monastery of Rebra-Parva has ten monks.

Source: Orthodoxie.com