More Than 20 Serbian Orthodox Churches Destroyed By Rampaging Groups Of Kosovo Albanians - The Pearls Of Medieval Art In Flames And Ashes

More than 20 Orthodox Christian churches have perished in flames in the last three days of pogrom orchestrated by Kosovo Albanian extremists against the remaining Kosovo Serbs and their holy sites. Most valuable works of art: holy icons, medieval books, frescoes from the 14th and 15th centuries perish in flames while civilized Europe is not able to stop the the rampage of extremists who slowly create a society in which soon there will not be a sign of the Cross and any living Serbs.

Kosovo Albanian leaders issue impotent statements while groups of armed extremists with machine guns, anti-tank rockets, grenades, knives and axes destroy the last traces of one people which survived here in the last several centuries. Is this a plan? Is this Europe and the world going to tolerate? Is this going to be rewarded? Mr. Schieder the president of the European Parliament wrote to Kosovo PM Bajram Rexhepi that the European and civilized society cannot be built on the blood of the innocent, on ruins of centuries old Christian monuments. Whether Kosovo Albanian leaders will understand that this is not the way to build better future for their children remains to be seen in the following days.