The Moscow Patriarchate urges authorities to actively fight against ‘dictatorship of vulgarity’ on TV

The Moscow Patriarchate regrets that State Duma MPs decided against proposal of their North-Ossetian counterparts to limit TV and radio programs of erotic character. "We understand the initiative to restrict spreading of TV and radio programs of erotic character. There's nothing to do but regret that proposal of North-Ossetian MPs, who are concerned with the problem of youth defilement, didn't find understanding," head of the Moscow Patriarchate press service Fr. Vladimir Vigilyansky has told Interfax-Religion on Friday.

Late in January, the State Duma rejected the legal initiative of the Alanian Parliament to code erotic TV and radio programs.

The priest reminds that "civilized world has long ago introduced age restrictions on some films or programs," that help adults understand "whether this film or program is acceptable for their children or not."

"When we start speaking about such restrictions, everyone cries out: "Censorship!" We often hear the opinion that we have to learn democracy from the West. Then why do we take the worst? Perhaps, we should take from America the restrictions they have there?" Fr. Vladimir said.

For many decades, he continued, "we were suffering from Soviet ideological dictatorship, and today we suffer from dictatorship of vulgarity and it censors all creative, artistic, valuable that is in our culture."

The Patriarchate representative recommended that fighters against censorship should first fight "against censorship of vulgarity that reigns on our television."

Source: Interfax religion