The Moscow Patriarchate urges various political forces of Moldavia to dialogue

The Moscow Patriarchate urged participants in the political conflict in Moldavia to dialogue. "The Church urges to peace as it has always urged to peace, the Church urges various political to dialogue. It is evident that it is difficult to reach anything without such a dialogue," head of the Synodal Church and Society Department Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said answering students of the High School of State Management at Moscow State University.

Commenting on the latest developments in Kishinev, the priest urged to remember, "brutal force can never change or ignore any choice - whether it is political or cultural - made by certain masses of people," and considered it evident that "chaos, violence, trying to solve with one strike the problem of wide political choice given to many various people won't settle any real problem."

"It's necessary to remember, the way of peace and dialogue, of understanding that various political groups reflect different social dispositions which should be considered when building new political architecture is the only way that gives solid grounds for preserving unity of nation," the Moscow Patriarchate official said.

According to Fr. Vsevolod, "in some of neighboring countries those, who during pre-election battles automatically equaled formal claims of kinship to Russia made by some politicians and necessity for the Church to support him, made a mistake."

"Life has proved that there it can't be equaled. Actually we will try to lead dialogue with any person, with any political group or party and we won't be guided by political stamps applied to this politician and this party by other party and other politician," the priest said.

Source: Interfax religion