Mount Athos: From generators and firewood to solar energy

Mount Athos: From generators and firewood to solar energyOn the operation of Diesel generators and the extensive use of firewood has been relying on for years the peninsula of Mount Athos for energy production, where there is no connection or provision for connection to the country’s power grid and no electricity distribution network.

As part of the search for alternative ways of energy production in the Holy Community, an invitation to submit proposals to the Operational Program “Central Macedonia” for the utilization of photovoltaic systems on Mount Athos was published a few days ago by the Region of Central Macedonia. The environmentalist Tryfon Chatziioannou pointed out to ANA-MPA that “a proposal is being prepared by the community of Mount Athos to respond to the invitation that provides the installation of photovoltaic systems.”

The program can finance the installation of photovoltaic fields, the construction of the necessary infrastructure for the collection, transmission and distribution of the produced energy at the place of consumption, the installation of storage devices and the regulation of energy disposal.

It is noted that the co-financed public expenditure available amounts to thirteen million euros.