New attack on church of St Procopius in Visoko

Uknown persons in the night between September 13 and 14, 2009 broke into the church of the Saint Greatmartyr Procopius in Visoko. According to the parish priest presbyter Marko Malesh of Kakanj, who serves also the parish of Visoko, in the church the whole inventory was ransacked, but nothing is missing, since the icons and other worthy stuff were moved because of frequent burglaries in the church.

The burglary was notices on September 14 during regular detour of the chruch by one parishioner and the police have been informed on everything and have conducted an investigation.

This is the second attack on the church of Saint Greatmartyr Procopius in Visoko in last month.

The Church of Saint Greatmartyr Procopius in Visoko, as the national monument under the protection of the state, was built in 1857 and renovated in 1998.

Source: Metropolitanate of Dabrobosna