New monograph about St Sava Cathedral

A new monograph about St Sava Cathedral on Vrachar has been published. The editor of this publication is Zoran Radovanov, the text was written by Dragomir Acovic, and speciality assistants were Vojislav Milovanovic and Maja Filipovic.

The photographs which enriched the text were taken from the Foto archive of the Monument Cathedral and also from photographers: Milinko Stefanovic, Radeta Prelic, Hadzi-Marko Vujichic and Branko Jovanovic. The Cover photograph is done by Marko Rupen.

The publisher of this great publication is Studio "Bechkerek", Novi Sad. This monograph is available in Serbian, English and Russian.

The contents of the book: St Sava, the Serbian archbishop, Short summary of the history of building the Cathedral, Authors, Architects, Leading the project, Cathedral in space and numbers, Architecture of Cathedral, What and when it was done on Cathedral (1935-2009), Interesting parts (dome, crosses, bells, façade, doors, crypt, stone reliefs, mosaics and fresco paintings , Vrachar plateau, Presbytery, monuments of St Sava, Future Patriarchate court, Decorative lighting of Cathedral), Events and visits, Society for building the St Sava Cathedral on Vrachar, Serbian patriarchs during the period of building Cathedral.