Newest American Saints Sebastian and Mardarije

To The Glory of God The Father: The Lives of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville  and Chicago and Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson and Their  Selected WritingsSeptember 5, 2020, is the 5th anniversary of the canonization of Sts. Sebastian and Mardary, clergymen and preachers of the Gospel, God-pleasing servants of holy life, and inspirers of many missionaries in North America.

The glorification from the Holy Assembly of Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church came in response to a prayerful plea of many Orthodox people through the Episcopal Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America.

This book, prologued by Serbian Patriarch Irinej, contains the lives of the two new Saints of the Church who were granted to the North American continent through the Serbian Orthodox Church. The main incentive for publishing the book comes from the desire to refresh the memory on these Christ-like people. Holy Bishop Mardarije and Venerable Sebastian were the best examples of servant leadership in our recent history in the USA.

With each book purchase we will send you a small wood dyptich of Sts. Sebastian and Mardary!

The annual commemorations of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville, Bishop of America-Canada, and Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson are observed on November 29/December 12 and November

This book is an easy 157-page read, written by Dragoslav Dragutinovic in Serbian. It includes all major aspects of St. Mardary’s life. Although most of us know of his poverty and health issues, fewer of us may be aware of his challenges in Russia.

His truly missionary work extended from the very end of Eastern Europe in distant Russia to the very western end of even more distant America.

Source: Western American Diocese