Catholicos of All Armenians received the President of the Republic of Serbia

  On October 12, in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; received the President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic who was in Armenia for an official state visit. The President was accompanied by the Republic of Armenia Foreign Affairs Minister Edward Nalbandian.

Welcoming the visit of the President of Serbia to the Republic of Armenia and the spiritual center of All Armenians; His Holiness expressed his satisfaction on the joint steps being undertaken towards expansion and development of inter-state relations. His Holiness stressed that the President’s visit strengthens the foundations of cooperation and friendship between the two peoples, and the two states.

September – The Month of Great Results

September – The Month of Great Results
September – The Month of Great Results
September – The Month of Great Results
September – The Month of Great Results

Thanks to our numerous partners, individual and corporate donors, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation began and carried out reconstruction projects, with a total value of 1.2 million USD, less than three months after the catastrophic floods in May. These projects enabled normal living, educational and working conditions for more than 4,500 people in flooded areas.

Virtual tour of exhibition dedicated to New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia opened on the website of St. Tikhon's Orthodox University

A virtual tour of the exhibition, “Overcoming: the Russian Church and the Soviet government” has opened on the website of the St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University of Humanities. The largest exposition, dedicated to the persecution of the Church during the Soviet era, became available to internet users ahead of the completion of restoration of the Moscow diocesan house in Likhov Lane Moscow.

Over the two month since it was opened, more than 7,000 people attended the exhibition in memory of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, organized by St. Tikhon’s University in the winter of 2012/2013 at the Museum of the Contemporary Russian History. The unique exhibits were collected in various corners of the former Soviet Union, and included the saints’ personal things; various documents reflecting the government’s theomachic policy and the Church’s reaction to it; and items used in the underground liturgical life the existed in labor camps.

Rally in defense of the family values takes place in Tallin

A large rally in defense of family values and against passage of the civil partnership law (which will recognize same-sex unions) took place in Tallin on Sunday near the house of parliament, reports RIA-Novosti.

The partnership act that enables a legal registration of same-sex unions, among other unions, was adopted at the first reading of the parliament. The second and third readings are scheduled for October 7 and 9. The Estonian government has already approved the bill.

Puszcza Knyszyńska- route of Orthodox

Orthodox churches were always a special architectural element of particular regions. Built often  many years, are a proof of tradition, history, culture, and first of all faith of residents of this area. We care to show this heritage for the largest audience. That’s why, thanks to donation from LGD*, we have created the website, on which we presented panoramas of orthodox churches and chapels from this area. Everybody who is interested can see these orthodox churches outside or inside. Additionally they can enrich their trip with knowledge about this buildings.

The second Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative (LOI) Consultation

The second Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative (LOI) Consultation was held at the serene St Vlash monastery in the Albanian capital of Tirana from September 15 to 19, 2014.

According to Revd Canon Mark Oxbrow, Facilitator, Lausanne Facilitator for Orthodox-Evangelical Relations, the final commnique issued states “that relationships between Evangelicals and Orthodox engaged in mission have not always been positive. But with the efforts from LOI which is working towards increased mutual understanding and healing of wounds, in order to collaborate more effectively in God’s mission.”