Eparchial (Diocesan) News

What Is Happening In Kosovo Is Not An Interethnic Conflict But A Pogrom Against The Serb Population

According to most recent reports, the seat of the Diocese in Prizren and the 19th century Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Great Martyr George have been set on fire, confirmed the monks of Holy Archangels Monastery. The fate of priest-monk Miron Kosac, who was in the Bishop's residence with German soldiers remains unknown. It is assumed he may have been evacuated to a German military base. Also in flames in the 14th century Church of Christ the Savior located on the hill above the old part of the city.

Nuns Abused and Monastery near Bitolj Set Aflame; Bishops Jovan, Marko And Joachim Escape Assassination Attempt

The mad campaign organized by official institutions in Skopje against His Eminence Metropolitan Jovan of Veles and Povardarje, the clergy and faithful people of the Ochrid Archdiocese and waged by local media through legal means culminated in Friday night's torching of the Monastery of St. John Chrysostom in the village of Nizhepolje near Bitolj, the physical mistreatment of two nuns, whose hair was cut off in the process and the removal of church vessels, liturgical books and other church items. For whom were these church items stolen and who will use the liturgical books to pray to "God" is our question to those who received the items from these terrorists. This act of terrorism was carried out by a group of masked men armed with automatic rifles who are, of course, "not known to police".