Nikita Mikhalkov: Fostering Orthodox spiritual revival will gain Russia the world's leading position

Nikita Mikhalkov, a renowned Russian film director, believes that Russia's main challenge today is to develop spiritual immunity to withstand external influence and gain a leading position in the world.

"If this immunity is implanted, no influence can affect us, because poison penetrates only vulnerable souls and burns them to ashes. If souls are shielded with culture, religion, history, and tradition, they have nothing to be afraid of," Mikhalkov said in an address to the 13th World Russian People's Council opened Friday in Moscow.

Mikhalkov sees initial challenge as "developing this kind of immunity which is vitally important to us," and, according to him, such immunity "is directly related to faith."

"The way the world looks depends on Russia. Unfortunately, those who dislike us have a better understanding of this fact than we do. They are aware that it is true, therefore, they are pushing so hard," Mikhalkov said.

Mikhalkov said that Russia "is probably the only country in today's world that has passed through such terrible ordeals which no other country has ever suffered."

"Priests were buried alive, churches were burnt down, and everything of the slightest relation to the country's root system was destroyed+ we passed through the revolution, dreadful war and lost enormous number of human lives," Mikhalkov said.

In closing, he mentioned that "many would like to change Russia from the outside", however, "it is impossible to change Russia that way, but it is possible to vandalize and ruin it."

Source: Interfax religion