Noah’s Ark replica to be built in Armenia

A “Noah’s Ark” historical-cultural and scientific-educational complex will be built in Armenia according to the proportions described in the Bible, using reinforced concrete, reports RIA-Novosti, with reference to the “We Build for All the People” Foundation, created especially for the project. According to Biblical tradition, Noah’s Ark, built by command of God that Noah and his family might survive the global Flood, came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat after the forty-day torrent. The replica ark is to be erected on a mountaintop across from Mt. Ararat. The ark is to be built of reinforced concrete, lined with wood. The foundation’s message notes that the ark will have a length of 300 cubits (433 ft.), height of 30 cubits (43 ft.), and width of 50 cubits (72 ft.).

The organizers plan to place 200 pavilions in the ark, representing the national culture of different peoples and countries. “The complex will have practical value: pilgrims and tourists will be able to stop into its 40 rooms. A museum, gallery, library, conference halls, and halls for government and state receptions will operate there,” the foundation noted. A board of trustees has already been created, with Martun Arutyunyan, head of the “Scenic Art Mill” appointed executive director. The project will be presented to the government, and design and construction work will begin after the plan is approved.

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