Holy and Great Thursday at Cathedral church of Holy Michael the Archangel

Holy and Great Thursday at Cathedral church of Holy Michael the Archangel
Holy and Great Thursday at Cathedral church of Holy Michael the Archangel
Holy and Great Thursday at Cathedral church of Holy Michael the Archangel
Holy and Great Thursday at Cathedral church of Holy Michael the Archangel

On Holy and Great Thursday Serbian Patriarch Irinej celebrated the Holy Liturgy  with the concelebration of local clergy at the Cathedral church in Belgrade. His Grace Bishop Andrej of Remesiana and the faithful of the Serbian capital attended the service.

Holy and Great Thursday

On the evening of this day, which was the eve of the feast of unleavened bread (that is, the Passover), our Redeemer supped with His twelve disciples in the city. He blessed the bread and the wine, and gave us the Mystery of the Divine Eucharist. He washed the feet of the disciples as an example of humility. He said openly that one of them was about to betray Him, and He pointed out the betrayer by revealing that it was he "that dippeth his hand with Me in the dish." And after Judas had straightway gone forth, Jesus gave the disciples His final and sublime instructions, which are contained in the first Gospel Reading of the Holy Passion (John 13:31-18:1 known as the Gospel of the Testament). After this the God-man went forth to the Mount of Olives, and there He began to be sorrowful and in anguish. He went off alone, and bending the knees He prayed fervently. From His great anguish, His sweat became as it were great drops of blood falling to the ground. As soon as He had completed that anguished prayer, lo, Judas came with a multitude of soldiers and a great crowd; on greeting the Teacher guile fully with a kiss, he betrayed Him.

Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren in Jerusalem

Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren has undertaken a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, where he is going to participate in celebrations of the Feast of Resurrection of Christ.

On Lazarus Saturday the Bishop visited Bethany, where he concelebrated to Patriarch Teophilos of Jerusalem during the Divine Liturgy celebrated in the church built on the place of  Lazarus’ home. In the afternoon the Bishop and many pilgrims in the Holy city participated in the solemn procession from Bethphage to Jerusalem in memory of the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem. On Palm Sunday Bishop Teodosije concelebrated during the Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Beatitude Patriarch Teophilus of Jerusalem in the great church of the Resurrection of Christ.

Russian high distinctions to Serbian Patriarch Irinej

His Holiness Irinej celebrated on Palm Sunday, the feast dedicated to the Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem , the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy at Belgrade’s Cathedral church. The Patriarch was concelebrated by many priests of the Archbishopric of Belgrade-Karlovci. Children’s choir of the First Belgrade Ensemble sang responses.

After the Holy Liturgy Serbian Patriarch Irinej received a delegation of the Orthodox Military Mission led by Mr. Igor Jevgenyevich Smikov, the head of the Mission and advisor to the head of the Russian Church Outside Russia (ROCOR).

Serbian Patriarch celebrates his Patronal feast

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, served on the Saturday,  Lazarus’ Saturday, the Holy Divinel Liturgy in Belgrade’s Cathedral Church. Today’s feast is also the slava (patron saint’s day) of Serbian Patriarch Irinej.

His Holiness was concelebrated by his Vicar Bishop Jovan of Ulpiana and many priests.

Ambassadors visit Serbian Patriarch

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch received His Excellency Mr. Aleksander Chepurin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia at the Serbian Patriarchate on 11 April 2014.

The same day, Serbian Patriarch also met with H.E. Mr. Gordan Markovic, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, who expressed his condonelences to His Holiness on the occasion of passing away of Metropolitan Jovan of Zagreb-Ljubljana.