Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Berlin

Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Berlin
Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Berlin
Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Berlin
Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Berlin

On Tuesday, 3 December 2013 His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, the administrator of the Diocese of Middle Europe, visited the Serbian community in Berlin.

In early morning hours Serbian Patriarch went to Berlin by train. His Holiness was accompanied by episcopal dean protopresbyter-stavrophor Milan Pejic, protodeacon Damjan Bozic and the officer of the Diocesan office Mr. Carol Lupu.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej in Kassel

On Monday, 2 December 2013 in morning hours  Serbian Patriarch Irinej visited Orthodox Serbs and his church of Holy Emperor Lazar in Kassel.  

Serbian Patriarch Irinej was welcomed by the Serbs from this town along with priest Simon Turkic from Frankfurt, the administrator of the parish. Presbyters Aleksandar Perkovic and Bosko Janjic served the parish. Serbian Patriach had a long talk with priests and the Administration. Episcopal dean protopresbyter-stavrophor was  attended by protopresbyter-stavrophor Milan Pejic.  

Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God into the Temple

When the Most-holy Virgin Mary reached the age of three, her holy parents Joachim and Anna took her from Nazareth to Jerusalem to dedicate her to the service of God according to their earlier promise. It was a three-day journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem but, traveling to do a God-pleasing work, this journey was not difficult for them. Many kinsmen of Joachim and Anna gathered in Jerusalem to take part in this event, at which the invisible angels of God were also present. Leading the procession into the Temple were virgins with lighted tapers in their hands, then the Most-holy Virgin, led on one side by her father and on the other side by her mother. The virgin was clad in vesture of royal magnificence and adornments as was befitting the “King’s daughter, the Bride of God” (Psalm 45:13-15).

Following them were many kinsmen and friends, all with lighted tapers. Fifteen steps led up to the Temple. Joachim and Anna lifted the Virgin onto the first step, then she ran quickly to the top herself, where she was met by the High Priest Zacharias, who was to be the father of St. John the Forerunner. Taking her by the hand, he led her not only into the Temple, but into the “Holy of Holies,” the holiest of holy places, into which no one but the high priest ever entered, and only once each year, at that. St. Theophylact of Ohrid says that Zacharias “was outside himself and possessed by God” when he led the Virgin into the holiest place in the Temple, beyond the second curtain-otherwise, his action could not be explained. Mary’s parents then offered sacrifice to God according to the Law, received the priest’s blessing and returned home. 

Serbian Patriarch in Dusseldorf

On Sunday, December 1st, 2013 after the visit to the church of Saint Luke in Dortmund and the parish of Saint Stephen in Essen, His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch visited the church of Saint Sava in Dusseldorf.

Before the arrival to the church, Serbian Patriarch visited a city cemetery in Dusseldorf. After the decision of the city authorities, a special part of this cemetery where Orthodox Serbs, Russians and Greeks  are being buried has been determined recently. The church and courtyard were full of children and pious Serbs from Dusseldorf and surrounding area who waited for His Holiness.

Serbian Patriarch in Dortmund and Essen

On Sunday December 1, His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch visited the church of Saint Luke the Apostle in Dortmund and the Church-school congregation of Saint Stephen in Essen.

During the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy Serbian Patriarch Irinej was concelebrated by Archbishop Longin of Klin from the Russian Orthodox Church, episcopal deputy protopresbyter-stavrophor Milan Pejic, protopresbyter-stavrophor Dordje Trajkovic, head of the church; protopresbyter-stavrophor Nedjo Janic and other priests. Following the Liturgy Archbishop Longin informed His Holiness about the work of the Conference of Orthodox Bishops of Germany.

The church-school congregation in Dortmund was founded in 1985 with the blessing of Bishop Lavrentije. It has two parishes. Parish letter is published six times a year. Youth gathers once a week at the church center and their involvement in the life of the Church is increasing. The parish has a choir which each Sunday brightens the service of God. The head of the church is protopresbyter-stavrophor Djordje Trajkovic, former professor of the Prizren seminary.