Bishop Justin of Zica enthroned

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, introduced Bishop Justin (Stefanovic), former Bishop of Timok, into the throne of Bishops of Zica during the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy at the church of Saint Sava in Kraljevo, on August 3rd 2014.

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej celebrated along with enthroned Bishop Justin and Their Eminences Metropolitans Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral and Porfirije of Zagreb-Ljubljana, Their Graces Bishops: Irinej of Backa, Pahomije of Vranje, Jovan of Sumadija, Ignjatije of Branicevo, Atansije of Bihac-Petrovac, Joanikije of Budimlje-Niksic, Teodosije of Raska-Prizren, David of Krusevac, elected Jovan of Slavonia and retired Atanasije of Zahumlje-Herzegovina. Also Archimandrites, newly-elected Bishops concelebrated to the Patriarch: Ilarion of Timok, Arsenije of Toplica and Jeronim of Jegar. Their Graces Bishops: Vasilije of Srem, Nikanor of Banat, Milutin of Valjevo, Antonije of Moravica and retired Vasilije of Zvornik-Tuzla prayerfully participated in this Holy Liturgy.

The feast of Holy Prophet Elijah at Cathedral Church in Vienna

On the feast of famous prophet Elijah the Tishbite, Bishop Andrej of Austria-Switzerland served at the Cathedral church in Vienna.

The celebration began with the solemn Vesper service celebrated by His Grace Bishop with the concelebration of the head of the Cathedral church, presbyter Slavisa Bozic and deacon Milos Zdralic.

Metropolitan Porfirije talks with Apostolic Nuncio D'Ericco

His Eminence Metropolitan Porfirije received Archbishop Alessandro D'Errico, Apostolic Nuncio in Zagreb, at the Spiritual Centre of the Metropolitanate of Zagreb-Ljubljana on 1 August 2014. 

During the talks led in an atmosphere of Christian love and mutual respect, the interlocutors exchanged views on a number of problems that the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church are facing with around the world, in Europe and especially in Croatia and Serbia.

Holy Prophet Elijah

The Holy Prophet Elijah is one of the greatest of the prophets and the first dedicated to virginity in the Old Testament. He was born in Tishba of Gilead into the Levite tribe 900 years before the Incarnation of the Word of God.St Epiphanius of Cyprus gives the following account about the birth of the Prophet Elijah: “When Elijah was born, his father Sobach saw in a vision angels of God around him. They swaddled him with fire and fed him with flames.”

And forgive us our trespasses....

And forgive us our trespasses....
And forgive us our trespasses....
And forgive us our trespasses....
And forgive us our trespasses....

The clergy of the Sydney Deanery have continued organising and presenting spiritual lectures for adults. On Sunday, 27 July 2014, in the St Lazarus Church in Alexandria, Vespers were served by the Very Reverend Protopresbyter-Stavrophor Miodrag Perich, parish rector, and Protodeacon Christopher Henderson from the St Archangel Michael parish in Homebush. Vespers were served in English, and the lecture was also presented in English by Father Miodrag.

Biography of the newly-elected Bishop Justin of Žiča

The enthronement of the new Bishop of  Žiča Justin in the Cathedral church of Kraljevo will be performed on 3 August 2014. His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, will perform the enthronement rite himself, while many Bishops of our Holy Church will concelebrate during the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy.

The Biography of newly-elected Bishop Justin (Stefanović) of Žiča

His Grace newly-elected Bishop Justin (Stefanović) of Žiča was born on 26 May 1955 in Čačak and was baptized as Miroslav. He finished primary and secondary schools, as well as the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade. His monastic life began in the monastery of Crna Reka in 1980 where he was tonsured in 1983 by Bishop Pavle of Raska-Prizren, later Serbian Patriarch.