Hieromonk Metodije elected for heugomen of Chilandar Monastery

Today on April 5/18 2010, on Sunday of the Myrrhgushers hieromonk Metodije (Markovic) was elected with a majority of votes by the brotherhood of the Chilandar Monastery for heugomen of the Nemanjic family. Father Metodije wa born in Cacak, on January 7,1970 by the parents Momchilo and Milka. Before he became the monk he had studed at the Electrotechnic Faculty in Belgrade. He has been in the monastery of Chilandar since 1994.

Tomáš Špidlík passed away in Lord

The Centro Aletti community with faith in the life-giving power of the Lord's Resurrection, announces the death of Cardinal Tomáš Špidlík that occurred on Friday, April 16th, at 9 p.m.Grateful for the many years during which we enjoyed his spiritual paternity and wisdom, we invite all to join in prayer to accompany him in the final and definitive passage of his faith journey towards a life without a sunset, a life more powerful than death through the grace of the Pascha of Christ.

Bishop Atanasije served memorial service to suffered Poles in Cathedral church

His Grace Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno , Vicar of Patriarch, with the blessing and on behalf of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia served in the Cathedral church in Belgrade memorial service for the suffered Poles in the plane crash near Smolensk. The memorial service was served to Archbishop Miron (Chodahovski), representatives of Pollsh Orthodox Church and the state authorities of Poland.


For days a group of monks of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, which do not recognize the religious order and the decision of the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church on February 13, 2010. and who are placed under the canonical prohibition, together with some like-minded, and led by monk Antonije Davidovic of Black River, against whom is run the religious and legal process, distrubute throughout cities in Serbia and in some monasteries an article titled Appeal of the clergy, monks and faithful church people to the Sacred Church Council of the SOC and collect signatures of support.

Bishop Atanasije (Rakita) participated the commemoration on the occasion of tragedy in Poland

His Grace Bishop Atanasije, Vicar of Patriarch, with the blessing and on behalf of Holy Patriarch Irinej of Serbia, attended the commemoration of the suffered Poles in a plane crash, held in Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary. Grace expressed then his condolences to the Polish Ambassador and the entire Polish nation.

Among the suffered was also Archbishop Miron with the clerics of the Polish Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Irinej of Serbia will serve a memorial service to Archbishop, the orthodox clerics and believers who died, on Saturday at 12am in the Cathedral church, in Belgrade.