Serbian Patriarch IRINEJ in Krusevac

His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch, on the way to Gracanica, visited Krusevac on June 27, 2010 where he served the Divine Liturgy in the youngest church of Krusevac, the church of the Holy Protection of the Theotokos, with the concelebration of priesthood of Krusevac and archimandrite Aleksej (Bogicevic), and in the presense of the mayor and other city representatives.

Cadets from the Cadet Corps from Russia visit Patriarch IRINEJ

His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch received today in the Serbian Patriarchate in Belgrade cadets of the restored Cadet Corps from Russia.  As an usual tradition, the cadets at the end of June and the beginning of July, within a spiritual and educational excursion, came to Serbian Patriarch to ask for a blessing in order to visit monasteries and other cultural landmarks in Serbia.

St. Vitus' Day formally celebrated

Celebrating Saint Vitus' Day, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian people mark 621 years since the feat of the Serbian army which defended in Kosovo in 1389 its lands and the Christianity from the mighty Ottoman empire.

The central celebration of St. Vitus' Day in Kosovo and Metohija today started with the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy which was served by His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch with the concelebration of Metropolitan Amfilohije, Bishop Atanasije and Bishop Teodosije as well as 20 priests from many Dioceses of the SOC. More than hundred believers from many parts of Kosovo and Metohija and Serbia participated in the Holy Liturgy in front of the Gracanica church.

The state of Serbia was today represented by Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic and Minister of Faith Prof. Dr. Bogoljub Sijakovic with associates. Besides them Ambassador of the Russian Federation HE Alexandar Konuzin with his associates and a group of Russian cadets, the head of the Russian office in Kosovo and Metohija  Andrej Sugurov, the head of Greek office in Prishtina and the EU special adviser for the issues of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo Dimitris Moshopoulos, the head of the Norvegian office in Kosovo and the great benefactor of the humanitarian actions for the Serbian returnees in Kosovo and Metohija Sverre Johan Kvale with few foreign diplomats were also present at the Holy Liturgy and the memorial service at Gazimestan.

Patriarch IRINEJ formally welcomed in Gracanica monastery

His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch came today to Kosovo and Metohija in order to participate in tomorrow's celebration of Saint Vitus' Day along with other bishops, priests, monks and the faithful people. Patriarch IRINEJ arrived to the Gracanica monastery at 4pm accompanied by Bishop Teodosije. His Holiness was welcomed by Locum Tenens of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren Metropolitan Amfilohije along with Bishop Atanasije, priests, monks, nuns and believers. 

Head of World Council of Churches to meet Russian Patriarch in Moscow

World Council of Churches leader, the Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, will meet with Patriarch Kirill I of the Russian Orthodox Church in his first official visit to Russia. During his 27-29 June visit, Tveit, the WCC's general secretary, and Patriarch Kirill will meet on 28 June, following a service to be led by the Russian Patriarch in the Kremlin's Cathedral of the Dormition, the Moscow Patriarchate's external relations section told ENInews.


His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch with the members of the Holy Synod of Bishops sent a letter to the EU Representative in Serbia Mr. Peter Sørensen expressing deep concern over the erroneous translation in Serbian of one part of the addressing of the EU Special Representative in Kosovo and Metohija Mr. Peter Feight in the European Parliament on June 22, 2010. Also it was expressed an extreme disappointment over the content of the Feight's  view on the situation in the southern Serbian province.

In one part of the addressing the European Parliament Mr. Feight positively evaluated that "transition of the SOC towards a more moderate approach in Kosovo is another positive development".This sentence in the Serbian translation of his addressing, which was sent to media by the office of Peter Feight, was incorrectly translated and means: "The transition of the SOC towards a more moderate approach regarding the Kosovo issue is another positive developement". The difference between " a more moderate approach (behavior) in Kosovo" and "a more moderate approach regarding the Kosovo issue" (is it regarding the issue of status?) is a very large and represents a grave mistake for which His Holiness has asked for the public correction and an apology from the office of the EU.

Receptions in the Serbian Patriarchate - June 23, 2010

His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch received today, on June 23, 2010 in separate official visits several delegations in the Serbian Patriarchate in Belgrade. Patriarch IRINEJ first received representatives of the Association of the homeless veterans led by Mr. Velizar Rabrenovic. The delegation presented the existing problems that they face with along with suggestions for resolving them.