Symposium at Loyola Marymount University

Symposium at Loyola Marymount University will be held on March 19, at 7 pm.

The Symposium will review the conclusions of the Fourth Ecumenical Council (451 AD) which not only organized the Christian Church but also defined the nature of Jesus.

Physics in the Hexameron of Saint Basil The Great

A book of Bojan Tomic Physics in the Hexameron of St Basil the Great  has been published in the edition of St Sava, upon the ordinal number 18, by the Diocesan administrative board of the Diocese of Zica,  with the blessing of Bishop Hrizostom o fZica.

The book represents a review of a physicist - a scientist on theological and philosophical themes of the creation of the world. We must emphasize that this work was being created for many years and finally was shaped under the mentorship of Professor Dr Ilija Maric from the Faculty of Sciences, mother faculty and the author itself.

Representatives of the SOC participate in a public debate regarding draft versions of the law suggested by Ministry of health

 Today, on March 6, 2009 , by the decision of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the vicar of His Holiness Patriarch Pavle of Serbia, Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno, participate along with deacon Dr Petar Dabic, in a public debate about draft versions of the Law on organ transplantation, a draft proposal of the Law on tissue and cell transplantation, a draft version of the Law on biomedical fertility treatment and a draft version of the Law on transfusion; which was held at the formal hall of the Institute for Public Health of Serbia - Dr Milan Jovanovic - Batut. After the speech of Tomica Milosavljevic, minister of health, Bishop Atanasije , on behalfof the Holy Synod of Bishops, pointed out that the Serbian Orthodox Church supports the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia in its efforts toupgrade and regulate legally this field of health, also emphasizing that the Church is open for responsible confrontation with all challenges and temptations of the present and that it is ready to help with its pastoral experience and wisdom. Deacon Dr Petar Dabic has greatly contributed to the theme owing to his knowledge of this field.

Russian Church: Christians have limited rights in some states

The Russian Orthodox Church expressed anxiety at alleged discrimination against Christians and members of other religious communities in various countries. At a roundtable at the headquarters in Vienna of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria, head of the Moscow Patriarchate Representation to European Institutions, pointed out alleged problems experienced by Christians in Turkey, the Northern part of Cyprus and Kosovo.

The Madrid authorities to transfer a land plot for construction of Russian church

The authorities of Madrid will soon transfer a land plot for construction a Russian Orthodox church, Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Jimenes said at the ceremony of presenting the symbolic golden key to Madrid to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. "We are very pleased that Moscow and Madrid are sister cities, and that our cooperation also involves other large cities. We would like to further strengthen these ties", he said.

By mid-century the USA, China and Africa will have the most Christian population – forecast

President of the Ukrainian Association for Religious Freedom Victor Yelensky predicts that Christianity will soon completely "lose its European exclusivity". "By mid-century the ten countries with the most Christian population will include the USA, China, Brazil, Congo, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Ethiopia, and Uganda", he stated in his interview published by NG-Religii newspaper on Wednesday.

European court fines Turkey in Greek Orthodox case

The European Court of Human Rights Tuesday ruled Turkey had violated the property rights of a Greek Orthodox foundation by seizing its land and ordered the government to pay damages. Judges said Turkey had breached the European Convention on Human Rights by barring the foundation from registering its title to a church and surrounding lands on the Aegean island of Bozcaada, a statement from the court said.