From Norway for blessing to Serbia

From Norway for blessing to Serbia

Boris Maksimovic and his wife came from a Norwegian town of Lillehammer in order to baptize their daughter Doroteja in the Decani monastery.

"Besides a wish to baptize Tea in the Serbian monastery, in my homeland and in Kosovo, there was also my need to thank this holy place and its priestgood for life's morals that were given to me here" Boris, electrical engeneer, says.

"In april 2005 after tough period in Norway where I was getting used to a life abroad, I came to Decani for the blessing and advice how to continue further. My blessings were answered - a year later I found the woman of my life, we married in 2007 in Gracanica and in April 2008 our Doroteja was born. 

This young Kosovo Serb in 1999 as a member of the humanitarian mission, went to  Scandinavia and decided to stay there. He formed in Lillehammer an association of the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija as as a true patriot he decided to baptize his  child in the homeland.

Source: Novosti