Number of Muslims becoming atheists growing in the Western world

According to the conclusions drawn at a recent international meeting of the Council of Ex-Muslims of England held in London, the number of Muslims apostatizing from their faith and becoming atheists is growing on a massive scale in France, Great Britain, and other European countries. These atheists may only be the tip of the iceberg, since many apostates from Islam keep their opinions to themselves to avoid reprisal from other Muslims, reports, which cites

The International Conference on freedom of conscience and convictions took place in London from July 22–24, 2017. It was called by its organizers the “largest gathering of ex-Muslims in history.” Participants came from 30 countries, and the majority of them were former Muslims.

According to the French sociologist Usom Bentabe, “Some former Muslims become activists against the death sentence for apostasy, others simply call themselves “rebels” without officially expressing their beliefs, which a third group rejects the term “ex- Muslim” itself, emphasizing that they live as atheists.

The French sociologist noted that atheism in the Muslim world is growing and will spread. However, classical Islamic Law declares the death sentence to apostates from Islam.

The Council of Ex-Muslims was formed in Great Britain in 2007 at the initiative of Iranian Miriam Namaz, and has affiliates in many European as well as certain Islamic states. It currently has more than 100 members.