Georgian archaeologists have discovered unknown 10th century church

During archaeological excavations on the territory of Atskuri Church archeologists discovered the ruins of the unknown church of the Atskuri Virgin, attributed to the tenth century, as reported by Georgian television’s Channel One.

Archaeologists, art historians, and clergymen clarified that the church found under a layer of earth was built on the site of a non-Christians first-century temple, artifacts from which were also found during the excavation.

Saint Macarius Glukharev and Saint Macarius Nevsky: Community lecture at Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies sponsors an annual series of Community Lecture Days, with this year's theme being "Contemporary Fathers and Mothers of the Church." Previous lectures this year discussed Elder Sophrony (Sakharov), St. Maria of Paris, Fr. Dumitru Staniloae, and Met. Anthony of Sourozh, with the next lecture concerning St. Macarius Glukharev and St. Macarius Nevsky:

The next IOCS Community Lecture Day will take place this Saturday 18 June 2016 and will be devoted to two important contemporary saints: Saint Macarius Glukharev and Saint Macarius Nevsky. The two lectures will be delivered by Karen Hetherington, one of our Directors and a top specialist on the topic.

11th International Congress of Coptic Studies – 2016

For Registration & More Info:

Venue & Time
Claremont Graduate University, California, USA
July 25-30, 2016.

The 11th Congress of Coptic Studies is scheduled to start on Monday July 25, 2016 and conclude, on Saturday, July 30, 2016 with the IACS members’ Business Meeting.

Fresco Paintings Discovered in Shanghai Church

Nine fresco paintings were recently uncovered at an Orthodox church in Shanghai, marking the first discovery of such paintings in the city.

The paintings were discovered in the course of a restoration project launched in June of 2007, said Shen Sanxin, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Zhuzong Group Construction Development Co. Ltd., reported.

Statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church

On the situation caused by the refusal of several Local Orthodox Churches to participate in the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church

For many decades the Russian Orthodox Church took and continues to take an active part in the preparation of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church. Since the First Pan-Orthodox Conference in 1961 on Rhodes, the outstanding hierarchs and the best theologians of our Church have made their contribution to the work on a great number of the Council’s topics, including those which were not to be included later in the agenda of the Holy and Great Council. For the sake of the earliest convocation of the Council, the Russian Orthodox Church has repeatedly re-affirmed her readiness to accept decisions mutually acceptable for all the participants in the pre-Council process, even if such decisions diverted from the already agreed rules of the Council’s preparation.