Orthodox Christian Fellowship experience at Waynesburg University

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship experience at Waynesburg University in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania was strengthened during the recently completed academic year. John Thompson, Dr. Ezekiel Olagoke and Dr. Richard Romanos Pierce from the faculty and staff of Waynesburg University were active with students throughout year.

John Thompson holds a leadership and coordinating role in the University OCF. He has taken students to Orthodox churches in the area and to an Orthodox monastery not far distant. Mr. Thompson scheduled prayers and Akathist services at the chapel made available at the University.

Mr. Thompson teaches Greek at the University in addition to working in the University library. He has held book discussions with students and has hosted OCF related dinners at his home. Mr. Thompson has made presentations to Waynesburg faculty on topics related to Orthodoxy.  He arranges for a display table on Orthodoxy at the opening of the school year.

Dr. Richard Romanos Pierce teaches English classes and the Bible as literature at the University. He along with John Thompson is a regular participant at the regularly held Akathist services held each Wednesday. Dr. Pierce and his wife Blenda have hosted OCF related dinners at their home. Dr. Pierce has written and published poems with religious themes. Dr. Pierce read his poems at the Climacus Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Pierce, Dr. Olagoke and Mr. Thompson have accompanied students to St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. St George Church  is the only Orthodox Church in  in same county as the University. Dr. Olagoke and Dr. Pierce arranged for students to do community service work at St. George Church.  Dr. Olagoke teaches Sociology at Waynesburg  University. He has done research on St. George Serbian Orthodox Church.

Dr. Olagoke presented his research at the Christianity and Literature Conference held at Grove City College. He has encouraged his students to include St. George Church in their church visitations.

The homes of  Dr. Olagoke, Dr. Pierce and John Thompson were blessed at the time of Theophany. Students have had the opportunity to have their dorm rooms blessed and to meet individually with the priest. Waynesburg University President Douglas Lee and University Vice-President and Chaplain James Tinnemeyer have been very welcoming and supportive of the OCF services and activities.

Article by Father Rodney Torbic

Source: easterndiocese.org