Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas

The Orthodox Christian denomination in Seychelles celebrated Christmas Day yesterday with a mass at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay hotel.

Many Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas Day on or around January 7 annually to remember the birth of Jesus Christ as per the Julian calendar which pre-dates the Georgian calendar.

The mass was presided over by Father Sergios Janosevic of the parish of Seychelles of the Greek Orthodox Church, Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa.

After one and a half hours of prayers and praising the Lord and Jesus Christ, Father Sergios shared that today is a special day for love and peace and that everybody should have love in their hearts for one another and that peace is only attainable if we have such love.

“God promised us that he will always be with us when we are with Him. Everything is connected to real life. We are gathered among friends today to celebrate the birth of Christ and we are happy that he is always with us,” he said during his liturgy.

The mass was attended by the Orthodox Christians in the country, mostly expatriates.

Father Sergios explained that despite being a small group, they have a strong presence in the community.

“Jesus said do not be afraid of the small flock as long as you are in the right path. Orthodox Christianity is relatively new to Seychelles and has been practised for 10 years this year, and it is developing slowly,” he further stated.

He continued to say that they hope to establish a larger community and eventually a church in Seychelles.

In regards to participation from Seychellois, Father Sergios revealed that a few Seychellois have joined them and that they have even been baptised. The Divine Lithurgy of Saint John Chrysistom has also been translated in Creole for mass.

Orthodox Christian Mass is held every Sunday at Father Sergios’ house in which he has a dedicated Chapel for services. Services are held at 9am.

Source: Nation