Orthodox church to be built in Beslan to commemorate victims killed by terrorists

A commemorative cross will be erected at the yard of the destroyed school in Beslan on September 2, then an Orthodox church will be built here to commemorate victims of the terrorist act, the local administration told Interfax on Thursday. Besides, this year the plan of mourning events includes concert-requiem Memory of the Heart suggested by Mothers of Beslan committee.

Mourning events will start on September 1 at 9:15 a.m.: school bell will ring and church bells toll to mark the first terrorists' shot and seizure of the school.

Everyone will be able to lay flowers and candles to the ruins of School №1, where a mournful music will play three days running without stop.

A terrorist group seized school №1 on September 1, 2004. Over 1200 people including schoolchildren, their parents and teachers were taken hostages. They were kept in a gym stuffed with explosives.

The terrorist act killed 330 people including 180 children. Some more people died in following years from received injuries.