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Restoration of Resurrection Cathedral at the New Jerusalem Monastery Complete

The reconstruction and restoration of the Resurrection Cathedral at the New Jerusalem Monastery is now complete, the historic cathedral is once again ready for worship. Situated in the town of Istra, which is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Moscow, the monastery was founded in the 17th century by Patriarch Nikon. The Russian Orthodox Church have not yet set a date for the consecration of the cathedral.

Orthodox priest complains to German authorities about harassment of Christians at refugee camps

Christian refugees are exposed to harassment in the refugee camps in Germany says Hegumen Daniil (Irbits), superior of the St. George the Victorious Monastery in Gotschendorf, a member of the Integration Committee at the German Federal Chancellery.

The feast of Synaxis of Theotokos in Jerusalem

The feast of Synaxis of Theotokos in Jerusalem
The feast of Synaxis of Theotokos in Jerusalem
The feast of Synaxis of Theotokos in Jerusalem
The feast of Synaxis of Theotokos in Jerusalem

On Friday, the 26th of December 2015/8th of January 2016, the day after Christmas, the Synaxis of Theotokos, namely the gathering of the faithful in order to pay special tribute to Theotokos as contributor to God’s work for our salvation by bearing Christ by the Holy Spirit and lending her flesh to Him, was celebrated:

First Liturgy Held in Cypriot Church in Over 40 Years

Hundreds of Greek Cypriot refugees from the Turkish occupied village of Argaki, in the Morphou area, celebrated the Divine Liturgy on Saturday at their village church of St. John the Baptist for the first time since the village was occupied by Turkish troops during the invasion in 1974.

The mass was officiated by Bishop of Morphou Neophytos and organized by the Holy Bishopric of Morphou in cooperation with the Church Committee, the Community authority, the Argaki Cultural Group and “Olympus” Athletic Club of the occupied village.

Romanian Orthodox priests gather signatures for Constitution amendment against same-sex marriages

Romania’s Orthodox Church wants to change the country’s Constitution so as not to allow same-sex marriages. The initiative was first launched by the Metropolitan of Banat Ioan Selejan, at the end of his Christmass Liturgy in Timisoara. Tens of people who went to the Theophany day service at the Metropolitan cathedral in Timisoara on January 6 queued to sign for this initiative, according to local media.

Two new Orthodox churches to open in the Arctic in 2016

Two new Orthodox churches will open this year in Mys Shmidta (an urban area near the cape with the same name) and Wrangel Island in the Arctic, where units of the Eastern Military District are deployed, reports RIA-Novosti with reference to the Eastern Military District’s press service.   

“The military churches in Mys Otto Shmidta and Wrangel Island will begin to receive the faithful by the end of 2016. The churches were assembled in the Ryazan region with funds provided by the Omofor Charitable Foundation for Support to Military Veterans and Invalids. The “mobile” churches have been delivered to the deployment site of military units of the Eastern Military District in the Arctic. The churches are currently being equipped with church furniture,” the message reads.