Orthodox Churches

Georgian Orthodox Church marks Anchiskhatoba today

Image of Christ not made by hand is the greatest sacred thing for Christianity.
Creation of the icon is directly related to Jesus Christ. When Christ lived among people Abgar ,king of Edessa (Ides) got sick. Abgarus sent a letter to Christ that if Christ manages to heal him, they would save the refugee Christians from the Hebrews in Edessa.

Orthodox church leader to visit Eastern Shore

Metropolitan Jonah, elected to head the Orthodox Church last November, will visit Dagsboro's Orthodox church and spend some time in Ocean City this weekend. The 49-year-old is the archbishop of the Diocese of Washington, to which the lower Delaware church belongs.

Albanian Orthodox Church criticises gay marriage bill

The Albanian Orthodox Church issued a statement Tuesday (August 18th) criticising the proposed draft law on gay marriages. The Synod of the Church said that marriage has always been between a man and a woman. "Whenever there were experiments against the eternal laws of God, they led to human and social catastrophes," the statement warned. Late last month, the government announced that it is considering the legalisation of gay marriage, based on a draft measure prepared by a Tirana NGO.

Learn more about the Orthodox Church in Albania

Fr. Thomas took the traveling Ancient Faith Radio microphone with him to Albania and captured several fascinating interviews there. Today we begin with this wonderful conversation between Fr. Tom and Archbishop Anastasios where we will learn about the circumstances that brought the Archbishop there as well as the current work going on in this country on behalf of the Church. To learn more about the Orthodox Church in Albania and, in particular, the mission work taking place there through the Orthodox Christian Missions Center, go to the OCMC WEBSITE: http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/hopko.

Theophilos III blocked a recent attempt to confiscate church property

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III blocked a recent attempt by Israel's Jerusalem municipality to confiscate 43 dunums of church property near Beit Safafa village, officials said Saturday.

A Palestinian lawyer representing the patriarch said he presented an appeal against a decision taken by an Israeli regional planning committee within the municipality to confiscate Greek Orthodox property in order to expand streets and build public facilities.