Orthodox consultation focuses on Christian unity in theological education

Thirty representatives of Orthodox institutions gathered in mid-November 2010 at the Andrei Saguna theological faculty in Sibiu, Romania to reflect on the topic "The Ecumenical Movement in Theological Education and the Life of Orthodox Churches". This discussion was moderated by Metropolitan Gennadios of Sassima (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople).

According to a communiqué issued at the close of the consultation: "There is a broad official agreement among the Orthodox churches concerning the general direction of Orthodox ecumenical engagement. However, at many levels of church life there is a wide diversity of opinion among the Orthodox concerning inter-Christian and interfaith issues. This demonstrates that there is as yet no unanimous Orthodox theological understanding of how to relate to other Christians and other faiths. Orthodox churches should use their theological faculties and seminaries as academic laboratories to generate discussion on acute issues debated in ecumenical circles. An attempt should be made to engage all Orthodox voices in this, especially those who may be most opposed to dialogue."

The communiqué concludes with a recommendation that the World Council of Churches coordinate, in collaboration with Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Boston (USA), a meeting of representatives from a broad spectrum of Orthodox faculties to discuss the further development of an ecumenical ethos in theological education.