Orthodoxy in Asia

Orthodox parishes in Asia in services use local languages as well as elements of local culture.

„In China, on Thailand and in Indonesia, for example, local artisans carve iconostasis and candleholders and decorate them with local elements. There is also a tradition to bless tea, while in Thailand the Orthodox people take off shoes before entering the church", said protopresbyter D. Pozdnayev. He emphasized that there exist local details and that they give parishes local colors. However, according to his words, the most important is the translation of the liturgical books and other  religious manuscripts in a local language, what is necessary in order to orthodox tradition to begin to live in the context of the Asian cultures.   

During the translation of the Gospel into Chinese there were interesting details. For example, one of the variants to be translated into Chinese were the first words from the Gospel of John: "In the beginning there was the Tao...".   

Source: Pravoslavlje (magazine Orthodoxy)