Orthodoxy in Cyprus

For many in Cyprus, they know Orthodoxy has been there since before AD 100. What they have not seen is an English-speaking Orthodox parish on Cyprian soil. Fr. Joseph Coleman has changed all that. A convert to the faith from Texas, Fr. Coleman is a native born American without any Greek heritage. He, like many others, came to the Orthodox Church by attending a liturgy and then reading, studying and praying. After being a deacon for five years, he was ordained the the Holy Priesthood two years ago.

His mission is to reach out to English speaking people that have moved to Cyprus from countries such as England, Australia and the U.S. Fr. Coleman's goal at his parish, All Saints Orthodox Church is "to build an active and close community." At present, there are about 150-200 people in the parish. Many of these people coming to Cyprus and more specifically to All Saints are of Cypriot heritage and are repatrotizing after a lengthy diaspora.
While they are currently using St. Nikolaos in Pano Lakatamia, they still have great dreams for the parish community. Already, they have Bible Studies planned, inquirer's classes and pilgrimage trips to holy sites on the island of Cyprus.
May God grant Fr. Coleman and his parishioners many years!