Pan Orthodox Vespers celebrated on the Sunday of Orthodoxy in Dublin

On 4 March 2012, the Sunday of Orthodoxy, Pan Orthodox Vespers was celebrated at the Church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos, Patriarchate of Constantinople, in Dublin.

By tradition, clergymen and laymen of the Local Orthodox Churches represented in Dublin, gathered for common prayer. They belong to the Patriarchates of Constantinople, Antioch, Moscow, and Romania.

Taking part in the divine service on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church were Rev. Mikhail Nasonov, rector of the Patriarchal Metochion of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Dublin, and Rev. Nikolai Yevseyev, dean of the parishes of the Sourozh diocese, website of the Russian Metochion reports.

Representatives of the Syrian Jacobite Church were among the guests.

After Vespers, Rev. Thomas Carroll, rector of the parish, told the worshippers of iconoclastic controversy and of how the veneration of icon was restored. He thanks the concelebrants and guests for common prayer.