Pan-Orthodox Festival of Choirs in Munich

Pan-Orthodox Festival of Choirs on Sunday of Orthodoxy, was held for the ninth time in Munich – 9. Panorthodoxes Chortreffen zum Sonntag der Orthodoxie, representing a spiritual column of the homogenous communion of many Orthodox churches in Munich – Serbian, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, as well as Non-Chalcedonian Churches – the Coptic and the Armenian Apostolic ones.

The idea for this kind of celebration of the dogmatic triumph of the icons at the Seventh Ecumenical Council in 843 A.D. came from the Institute of Orthodox Theology at the Munich University.

The feast day of the Sunday of Orthodoxy was solemnly celebrated at the Greek Orthodox church of All Saints in Munich. There was a concert programme in attendance of the highest Orthodox clergy and parishioners of Orthodox church communities in Munich.

The next 10th Orthodox Festival of Choirs in 2014 will took place at the Russian Orthodox church.

Source: protodeacon Zoran Andric, Munich