Paschal-Easter Message from George Joseph – Chairman of the OCP Society

Christ is risen! Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ!
Khristos haryav i merelotz! Orhnyal e Harouthyoune Khristosi!
(Armenian- Eastern Dilacet) 

Word took flesh. Any Christian believer knows that God came down to earth as a man to live among His creations to take up their sins on Him and to die for their sake; He resurrected and ascended to Heaven. This was a grand plan of God for He loved us so much. In return, He expects us to love Him in the same manner. But we have our priorities focussed elsewhere. Rather than reciprocating His love, we choose to follow the infamous Eden incident.

Despite the Ark of Noah, and later on, exiles in Egypt and Babylon, humankind remained the same. Exhortation by Prophet Isaiah in chapter 1 is of no value for us. We are adamant we don’t learn our lessons.

It is in such a background, yet another Passion Week is approaching its end. During this week, we have recalled the tribulations undergone by Son of God for us but we do these recollections too casually and mechanically.

We are back to our evil routines the very next day. How can we come back? It is for each one of us to decide. We have Prophets who taught us. We have noble fathers who taught us. We have the apostles who taught us. Let us be committed to looking back to these masters to have in us a total change of mind in letter and spirit. Indeed, a change of mind is what we need, that our Lord interferes in our life to sanctify us so that epidemics like Corona and the like disappear once for all. Let us prepare ourselves for change in us as we come out from this Passion Week.

Source: OCP