Archbishop Marko of Berlin and Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno visit Patriarch Pavle at the MMA

archbishop-markArchbishop Marko of Berlin and All Germany, accompanied by His Grace Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno, the vicar of Patriarch, visited today His Holiness Patriarch Pavle of Serbia at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

In a cordial and warm conversation, Archbishop Marko thanked Patriarch Pavle for care and prayers to God Almighty for the unification of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Patriarch Pavle of Serbia thanks for Christmass greetings

Патријарх Српски ПавлеHis Holiness Patriarch Pavle of Serbia exchanged Christmas greetings with all primates of autocephalous and autonomous Orthodox Churches, many archbishops, metropolitans and bishops.

Patriarch Pavle of Serbia received lots of greetings from the higher and secondary education institutions of the Serbian Orthodox Church, directions of the monasteries and many faithful, not only from our country but also from abroad.

Since Patriarch has no possibility to thank everyone , he does it in this way, with best wishes for welfare of all the faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church, sending them his paternal salutation and patriarchal blessing.

Bulletin Issued by the VMA’s Medical Council on the Health Condition of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle

Патријарх The Main Medical Council engaged in the treatment of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle headed by Chief of the Military Medical Academy Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtic, PhD, met at 10 o'clock a.m. on March 12, 2008.

The Council gave a detailed analysis of the course of the disease, as well as the diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures that had been adopted. Following a four month long treatment of serious cardiac, pulmonary and neurological disfunctions with life-threatening complications, a very favourable therapeutic effect has been achieved along with an improved general health condition.

The current health condition of His Holiness has been stabilized. The pace of the functional recovery is appropriate for the patient's age. His Holiness is conscious and able to follow his interlocutors in a light conversation. The patient receives visitors and spends part of the day in a sitting position.

In order to maintain the achieved condition and avoid possible recurrent complications, it is mandatory to provide the patient with full general care and medical monitoring, which would be difficult to establish elsewhere.

In the Council's opinion, the medical monitoring and physical rehabilitaion program should be continued at the Military Medical Academy.

The VMA Administration

Serbian Prime Minister Vojslav Koštunica visits Patriarch Pavle

PavleSerbian Prime Minister Dr. Vojsalv Koštunica visited His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle at the Military Medical Academy and extended wishes for His recovery.

Wishing His Holiness a Merry Christmas, Prime Minister Koštunica expressed the entire Serbian people' s concern about His health, and especially that of the Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija.

The Prime Minister extended wishes for the Patriarch's recovery and that He may spiritually lead the Serbian people in the times to come. (Statment issued by the Prime Minister's Cabinet).


(Photo: Archive of the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church)

Nativity Encyclical 2007 - Patriarch Pavle

Serbian Patriarch Pavle The Serbian Orthodox Church
to her spiritual children
at Christmas, 2007



By the Grace of God

Orthodox Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch, with all the Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church to all the clergy, monastics, and all the sons and daughters of our Holy Church: grace, mercy and peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, with the joyous Christmas greeting:

Peace from God! Christ is Born!

"...Today Bethlehem receives Him Who is
co-enthroned with the Father,
Today angels marvelously praise
the New Born Child exclaiming:
Glory to God in the highest
and peace on earth;
good will among men."

Bulletin Issued by the Permanent Medical Council on the Health Condition of Patriarch Pavle – Dec 21st, 2007

Патријах Павле

The Bulletin issued by the VMA’s (Military Medical Academy) Permanent Medical Council on the health condition of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle on the 21st of December, 2007, states:

The tendency towards a slight improvment of His Holiness’ health condition continues, with vital functions remaining stable.

Treatment, intenive monitoring and a rehabilition program are maintained.

Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church